Dried [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dried:

The riches of the unjust shall be dried up like a river, and shall pass away with a noise like a great thunder in rain.

In 1629 he found the Hurons smoking the dried leaves and stalks of the Tobacco plant or petune.

If properly dried and pressed, it is possible to preserve the Fern fronds with a great deal of their natural colour.

He walked about in the dark until, all of a sudden, he stumbled into a hole that was filled with dried grass.

The staining fluid is applied for five to fifteen minutes, and the preparation is rinsed quickly in water, dried, and mounted.

Unfixed films are stained about three minutes, rinsed quickly, dried, and mounted.

They were followed by a little dried-up Italian army surgeon, who carried under his arm an ominous-looking black case.

And the rivers shall fail: the streams of the banks shall be diminished, and be dried up.

Before leaving for France the Emperor had drawn up a cut and dried plan for the systematic conquest of the whole Peninsula.

I have digged, and drunk water, and have dried up with the sole of my foot, all the rivers shut up in banks.