Drilling [verb]

Definition of Drilling:

train, discipline

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Sentence/Example of Drilling:

Now, they’re moving to using existing sources of noise, like ambient noise from ocean waves and wind, or human noise from traffic and drilling and, indeed, trains.

As for the impact of oil drilling, Vladimir Chuprov, Greenpeace Russia’s campaign director, wrote in a working paper that oil companies operating in Russia reported about 10,000 oil pipeline bursts in 2014.

Without investors, they don’t have the cash to build a new pipeline or develop a drilling site.

A new drilling site or major pipeline needs massive upfront funds to build infrastructure and cover labor costs.

The project is one of several large transmission pipelines in the works across Appalachia, part of the rush to market natural gas from drilling and production in the Marcellus Shale formation.

She opposes offshore oil drilling, but invests in companies that engage in it, such as Royal Dutch Shell, which has 11 such projects in the Gulf of Mexico alone.

It’s also funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, a pro-oil drilling trust from Texas.

Eventually it was determined that a drilling error during manufacturing probably caused it.

Low oil prices, a pandemic-driven recession, and looming elections add up to highly unfavorable conditions for launching expensive drilling operations.

NASA has kept me involved in developing a drilling system for Europa, because I know the problems you can encounter.