Drinking [verb]

Definition of Drinking:

take in liquid

Synonyms of Drinking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drinking:

Sentence/Example of Drinking:

In 2016, China’s Ministry of Water Resources declared that more than 80% of the country’s groundwater is unsafe for drinking, meaning citizens must boil water or purchase bottled water.

The wide-slide closure makes refilling simple, and the drinking tube can be disconnected from the reservoir by pushing a button at the connecting joint.

These water containers sit in special pockets on most hiking packs, which have an opening for the bladder’s drinking tube so you can sip throughout the day while keeping your hands free for other things.

He goes on to explain that he learned it flowed into Lake Erie, the source of Cleveland’s drinking water, as he stood outside a slaughterhouse watching “a great stream of dirty water rushing from it right into the river.”

Excessive drinking brought death early, typically 29 years sooner than would have been expected.

About three-quarters of San Diego’s drinking water comes from the Colorado River via pipes and aqueducts controlled by the Metropolitan Water District, based in Los Angeles.

When after-work hangouts at a Nigerian nonprofit turned out to revolve around drinking, the director of the office knew he had a culture problem.

Outside the hotel he came upon the two sisters sitting on a bench and drinking coffee.

A quite young child will, for example, pretend to do something, as to take an empty cup and carry out the semblance of drinking.

Smoking was called drinking tobacco, as the fashionable method was to "put it through the nose" or exhale it through the nostrils.