Driveways [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Driveways:

The boxes often sit scattered on the periphery of a farm, near the sides of roads and along driveways.

One is to remove some of the lowest branches that interfere with paths, driveways and the like, an approach called limbing up or crown lifting.

Main roads are reportedly fine, but untreated side roads, parking lots, and driveways will be slick.

The T-shaped handle has an adjustable height of between 40 and 46 inches, which helps ensure better posture, and with the ability to clear 5 to 10 inches of snow, it’s a great choice for pushing snow off larger areas like decks and driveways.

Blaustein also monitors the driveway with cameras to make sure the plowing service keeps his driveway clear.

On the day of Mikayla’s drive-by birthday party, she and her mother set up a small table on their driveway and showcased a photo of Currey beside a money bowl.

The few times Rodriguez saw the man, he was tinkering with an antenna above the house and power-washing the driveway behind their home.

Robinson had seen the boy in his driveway on multiple occasions, practicing his jump shot.

Before Dan could even print out the statement, a sheriff’s deputy was walking up their driveway to tell them about the body discovered in a nearby park.

If you’ve seen any neighbors repairing their driveways, you might ask if they have leftovers, or volunteer to share if they need to patch, too.