Drizzle [verb]

Definition of Drizzle:

fine rain

Synonyms of Drizzle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drizzle:

Sentence/Example of Drizzle:

The sandwich consists of marinated greens, peanut butter and a drizzle of sriracha layered between two slices of bread that get toasted, a la grilled cheese.

Especially on cold mornings, a warm bowl, with a pat of salted butter and heavy drizzle of honey, can be quite a comfort.

A toasted pistachio is set, jewel-like, into each piece, then they get a glistening drizzle of honey seasoned with orange essence, and a shower of fresh mint leaves.

Keep in mind that the pudding won’t have a lovely bronzed top when cooked this way, so a dusting of confectioners’ sugar and a drizzle of heavy cream is recommended for serving.

If this sounds like you, look for a speaker that clearly guarantees its water and shock resistance, you should know if your speaker can handle a quick dip in the ocean or if it will start to crumble if exposed to a light drizzle.

That light drizzle dries out the lower atmosphere, contributing to the overly dry conditions favored in these models.

The day dawned with a steady drizzle of rain, and, after a poor attempt at breakfast, I scoured the neighbourhood for a taxi.

The rain storm changed into a steady drizzle and the increasing gloom promised complete darkness within half an hour.

It really did not look plausible that he would come out in the drizzle to see if Foster's car was safely locked in for the night.

It was all very sordid and very lifeless and altogether discouraging in the drizzle of late afternoon.