Drone [noun]

Definition of Drone:

person who is lazy

Synonyms of Drone:

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Sentence/Example of Drone:

It even began showing off some of its other products, such as a covid-19 tracking system called Fleming, and Eclipse, which can hack drones deemed a security threat.

NASA is planning a new mission for 2026 called Dragonfly, in which a rotorcraft drone is to fly around Titan and study the moon’s potential hospitability to life in greater detail.

A local whale watching group captured the event with a drone, according to Smithsonian Magazine.

Facebook wanted to use solar-powered drones and laser-based tech to shoot wifi to antennas.

Materials chemist Eijiro Miyako of the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Nomi imagines outsourcing pollination to automatous drones that deliver pollen grains to individual flowers.

A small needle explodes out from a toy dart gun that’s attached to the drone.

I wonder if you could riff on the future of war, because it seems like, with the drone attacks, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Drone: the largest tube of a bag-pipe, giving forth a dull heavy tone.

The melody or tune is played on one of the pipes furnished with holes for the purpose, while the other three give a drone, bass.

Let those who are fit for nothing else go and drone over A B C with ragged children, if they like.