Droning [verb]

Definition of Droning:

making noise continuously

Synonyms of Droning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Droning:

Sentence/Example of Droning:

You didn’t flee the drone of weed whackers and leaf blowers just to hear the drone of generators powering your neighbor’s TV so he can watch a marathon of The Office.

The solar autonomous drone made its first flight, and we expect several flights next year.

Armed with a business model that involved using sensors and drones to monitor every stage of the production process, he and two friends entered a pitch competition.

In July, it launched a rover called Perseverance to Mars that’s equipped with a small helicopter drone.

The pandemic has accelerated a variety of experiments and commercials trial to use drones for deliveries, crop monitoring, firefighting, and a thousand more jobs beyond wowing us by spelling out presidents’ names with LED lights.

As Taylor and his guests explain, the drones that would do the job are tiny, but they’re also quite noisy.

Any drone heavier than that requires pilots to file with the agency so it can keep track of the crafts whizzing around the sky.

The first stage then returned to Earth and safely landed on a drone ship.

Racers control the position and speed of the drone with two joysticks.

Regardless, I used a construction drone nearby the police station to simply lift my spy up to the roof.