Drooling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Drooling:

The rabbit-sized rodents dribble and lick the toxic drool into their long rat fluff for a weaponized hairdo.

He halted a step or two into the open, his round head swinging from side to side, spittle drooling from his gaping mouth.

They tumbled him aboard, where he lay in an insensate heap, drooling spit and making incoherent, bubbling noises.

He could fancy these teeth stripping the flesh from his body, gnawing at his bones with drooling jaws.

A dozen yards from him lay the big Dane, his huge jaws drooling in anticipation of the unusual feast which McGill was preparing.

Two cubs sat near by, watching operations with great interest, their round ears up-cocked, their jaws drooling expectantly.

A little while he sat; then stretched himself back at ease on his elbow, drooling smoke through his nose in saturnine enjoyment.

His lips were lacerated, drooling blood, his eyes were puffed and blackened, and he was screaming and cursing insanely.

To many men, no doubt, these broken utterances would have appeared mere drooling and would have been dismissed as such.

The gap narrowed, and Breed could see his slavering jaws, the froth drooling stringily back across his shoulders.