Drooping [adjective]

Definition of Drooping:

hanging or weak

Synonyms of Drooping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drooping:

Sentence/Example of Drooping:

Mrs. Haight regarded the radiant young hostess with a malignant stare, prudently veiled by drooping lids.

The draught invigorated Marius, it cheered Tressan's drooping spirits, and it quenched the Dowager's thirst.

His shoulders were drooping forward, his head was bowed, and his face was heavy with grief.

No drooping Clytie could be more constant than I to him who strikes the chord that is responsive in my soul.

He looked up as a middle-aged man with a drooping mustache approached.

Her eyes, veiled behind the long lashes of their drooping lids, followed him furtively.

She sat under the long drooping yellow sprays of her acacia-tree, her lap full of the pink Castilian roses, and dreamed.

THE Lake at last—a sheet of shining metal brooded over by drooping trees.

Instead of that she simply reached out and laid her hand on Mr. Steele's arm, drooping almost to the ground as she did so.

Shattered bulwarks, ragged rents in the hulls, sails in tatters and drooping cordage told the story of the desperate battle.