Droopy [adjective]

Definition of Droopy:


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Sentence/Example of Droopy:

She had on a frock of some thin, slinky stuff and a droopy garden hat with flowers on it and carried a sunshade.

Then he looked over at the droopy-eyed little folks sitting on the window seat.

Yet, all Adua could see was a lot of goitered looking droopy herbage.

The six bridesmaids wore pale-green and white, and, as Miss Upton viewed with satisfaction, "droopy hats."

He couldn't speak, but gazed and gazed up into the eyes under the droopy hat.

She dropped her arm, moved away, and put the droopy hat back in its box.

Golden-haired angel—long, droopy kind of lashes, don't you know—eyes like dreamy sapphire seas—oh, that sort of thing—a peach!

When they fed Pete that night he seemed droopy and turned up his nose at his best beloved dainties.

His droopy carriage and shriveled feature betray you at first sight.

She was a pretty enough girl in a droopy, blonde, saucer-eyed way, but not the sort of breath-taker that takes the breath.