Droplet [noun]

Definition of Droplet:

small amount of liquid

Synonyms of Droplet:




Opposite/Antonyms of Droplet:


Sentence/Example of Droplet:

The researchers measured how many saline droplets reached a mouthpiece in the receiving manikin that represented its nose and throat.

The chicken froze, the droplets of condensation on its extremely expensive surface turning to light snow.

Theoretically, wearing one masks over another could help protect you from incoming droplets, or others from the ones you expel.

Weissman says he tried 40 different carriers, including water droplets, sugar, and proteins from salmon sperm.

Highly contagious, RSV is transmitted through respiratory droplets, which can remain infectious for more than six hours on hard surfaces.

That’s because the tinier aerosol-seeded droplets begin to evaporate more quickly than larger, natural cloud droplets would.

These help in reducing transmission through larger droplets.

It was a lunar rainbow—a hard-to-see phenomenon in which sunlight reflecting off the moon is filtered through water droplets in the air.

Dew is those water droplets clinging to blades of grass after dawn.

Second, masks can also help protect the wearer from inhaling virus-laden droplets or aerosols.