Dropped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dropped:

As the weeks wore on, the pretence of practical teaching was quietly dropped, and we crammed our science out of the text-book.

As the window dropped, Ripperda saw the wounded postilion fall on the neck of his horse.

Quickly he gained a sofa by the window and dropped down upon it, watching, listening.

In sheer nervousness, Hilda also dropped to her knees on the hearthrug, and began to worry the fire with the poker.

You know the fable about the dog who dropped his meat in the water, trying to snap at its reflection?

Merrill dropped the meat he was dragging over the floor, and turned to confront Alessandro's eyes.

Squinty dropped down on his four legs, since he found that walking on his hind ones brought him no food.

We came upon the buffaloes unexpectedly, and at the first shot Pearson dropped one dead—shot through the heart.

It was a windy night and a sudden gust blew his tall hat into the river, and after it unfortunately dropped the meerschaum.

As the pairs gradually dropped out, Haggard and his partner became the cynosure of every eye.