Drowsiness [noun]

Definition of Drowsiness:

disinclination to move; lifelessness

Synonyms of Drowsiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drowsiness:

Sentence/Example of Drowsiness:

On one of these occasions, he washed his face in the cooling waters, explaining that he did this to overcome drowsiness.

That vast perpetual movement ceases; a sort of drowsiness and languor overspreads it; and it seems weary and about to rest.

Towards morning a drowsiness crept over me, and I had the greatest difficulty in maintaining my perilous position.

And yet we must go on in one direction or the other or else succumb to sheer lassitude and overpowering drowsiness.

This isn't so bad, he thought, and there was something like surprise through the drowsiness.

The victim is oppressed by drowsiness, sinks into insensibility, finally death.

But a gradual drowsiness stole over her tumultuous thoughts, and she was soon wrapped in a troubled, dreamful slumber.

Drowsiness, if present, may be combated by the subsequent use of strong coffee or tea, as before.

A tiger may feed to repletion, or be disarmed by drowsiness; but who could hope to appease the ghost of a tiger, did such walk?

Solitude, silence, and the absence of all excitement had lulled her spirit into a sort of drowsiness.