Drubbing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Drubbing:

A spectacular drubbing would have been better, but simply collecting victories keeps the Aggies in the playoff picture for another week.

He just wanted to bring the drubbing San Diego Republicans had experienced into relief.

I want Thatcher to have his way in that convention, naming the ticket as far as he pleases, and appearing to give me a drubbing.

He would have handed me a merciless drubbing if he had caught me, with my nether end hanging helplessly on the outside.

Go to him there, and you'll find him perched on a stool, and a good drubbing won't hurt him.

He gave young McKenzie a severe drubbing and the latter had to go home with his clothes torn and his nose bleeding.

I want to see you give that big brute the drubbing he merits, so he will keep still for a while.

"We must compel an engagement," said Washington, eager to give the foe a sound drubbing before it was too late.

Lil Artha was for giving him the drubbing he richly deserved; but Elmer counselled differently.

The men were probably not anxious for another brush after the drubbing they had received, but the situation forced their hands.