Druid [noun]

Definition of Druid:

person, thing that predicts future

Synonyms of Druid:

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Sentence/Example of Druid:

The mass fell straight, and without breaking; resting in its bed like a Druid cromlech precipitated in one piece.

Did you not tell me, Wychecombe, that the Druid had sprung her foremast?

I cruised off Morant Point for some time, keeping a very bright look-out for the Druid.

So he rode up to the rocks, and there saw the grey Druid holding out his cup.

In early Britain the Druid priests held absolute sway over the destinies of souls.

Taking advantage of the perturbation on board the Druid, (for so she proved,) Captain Thompson poured in upon her a broadside.

The Druid, which was of twenty guns, was so much disabled as to be obliged immediately to return to England.

Even the Celts offer no exception, though they had a subordination from the Arch-Druid downward.

See this Druid monument: how does its construction strike you?

He found a druid of a brook chanting paganly to trees and moss.