Drummer [noun]

Definition of Drummer:

traveling salesperson

Synonyms of Drummer:

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Sentence/Example of Drummer:

I don’t know if you’ve seen the Ocean Spray story, where a TikTok video inspired a response by the drummer from Fleetwood Mac, then Ocean Spray surprised the lip-synching skateboarder by giving him a truck full of Ocean Spray.

The other drummer appealed to the stage-driver to support his contention that the court's action was novel, but entirely just.

A drummer soon came with a message from the besiegers, but a message which was utterly unintelligible to the besieged.

So with a shout of victory, and the drummer beating a lively march, they rushed to the redoubt, where not a man was to be seen.

He was not a drummer at Austerlitz, and for the instant he did not remember the tune the drummers played.

Valmond had spoken down at the aged drummer, whose arms were young again, as once more he marched on Pratzen.

The sticks swung down, but somehow they faltered, for the drummer was shaking now.

Craney attacked the subject like a drummer selling a bill of goods, but the keeper didn't seem to understand.

The stump gave way, and the drummer splashed into a bog hole.

His army consists of a drummer and four men—of whom one is a girl!