Drunk [adjective]

Definition of Drunk:

intoxicated by alcohol

Synonyms of Drunk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drunk:

Sentence/Example of Drunk:

The police told me that, based on the accounts of two eyewitnesses, the two drunks who had been ejected from the bar I passed had snuck up behind me and hit me on the back of the head with a brick.

While no amount of safety gear can protect you from a distracted or drunk driver, being visible on the road at night can help you avoid being struck by attentive drivers.

Given that alcohol is pretty good at making people act in confusing or mystifying ways, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that in the 1800's bamboozle began to be used as slang for "drunk."

It’s also known as ethanol, the type of alcohol that can make someone drunk.

Scientists, though, were skeptical that such large animals could eat enough fruit to get drunk.

And she did go; the doctor with great attention sending in half a dozen of medicine, to be drunk upon the road.

I have digged, and drunk water, and have dried up with the sole of my foot, all the rivers shut up in banks.

Therefore hear this, thou poor little one, and thou that art drunk but not with wine.

The horse, whose health had been drunk in his absence, was standing outside, ready harnessed to the cart.

But the neighbors soon made up their minds what they thought of the strangers, for the father was very drunk.