Drunken [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Drunken:

Major Foster hastily collected sixty men and charged on the guns—so shamelessly abandoned by the order of a drunken commander.

The speech came to an abrupt end when, losing her balance, she fell to the ground, and lay there in drunken contentment.

The drunken Man staggered to his feet, and hiccupped vehemently in the face of the assembled Gods.

By the old law a drunken man who made a contract was still liable, and required to fulfill as a penalty for his conduct.

And at that moment Sangree arrived wrapped in a blanket and carrying his gun; he was still drunken with sleep.

A drunken man would reel from one side to the other until he fell down a cellar trap-door, into the gutter, or into the sea.

I really begin to fear that these drinking, if not drunken spirits, do haunt the "spirit-vaults."

When about twenty years of age, in a drunken brawl he shot and killed one of his best friends.

Verily, Providence lends a strong and ready arm to the drunken man and the fool!

A scene like this must have been rare even to the priest of God; for he mistook this sad woman for one drunken with wine.