Dual [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dual:

The best heated throw blanket offers specialized heating in two zones, also known as dual temperature zones.

“The way deals work is you are not dual agent if all you are doing is getting compensation from the other party,” said Todd Moore, a Pasadena-based attorney whose focuses include real estate.

Its dual-sided design means you can get medium-soft comfort on one side or flip it over and get a firm foundation on the other side.

Now, she hopes to expand Stripe, an American financial services company dual-headquartered in San Francisco and Dublin.

The head is fully washable, and the blades are dual-cut for increased sharpness and precision.

There are now dual-telephoto lenses built-in, which explains the extra camera module.

Caserio replaces Bill O’Brien, who had the dual rules of coach and GM before the Texans fired him in October.

Days later, Beijing vetoed Ant’s initial public offering on exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai—a dual listing that promised to take in $37 billion, the richest IPO listing in corporate history.

The Sugar Bowl was a much-anticipated dual between Fields and Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence, top-tier quarterbacks unfamiliar with losing and prone to generating electrifying performances.

The follow-ups to the original Canon R line brought a bevy of long-awaited new features, including 45 megapixels of resolution in the R5, and dual card slots for redundant backups as you shoot.