Dualism [noun]

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Its peculiar feature was dualism,--two original uncreated principles; one good, the other evil.

The vast amount of evidence in the taboos of many peoples of dualism in the attitude toward woman.

The dualism is not primarily as to the stuff of the world, but as to causal laws.

To return to Bahya's arguments in favor of the unity of God, we proceed to show that dualism would lead to absurd conclusions.

The one is anthropological dualism, regarding the soul as a distinct entity which comes to the body from without.

There was a curious sense of dualism in this serenity of the sky, in contrast with the fury and agitation of the waves.

That old dualism between the soul and the body, between God and the universe, is becoming effaced.

As realism generally coincides with monism, so idealism is usually identical with dualism.

Here we have the root of the errors which are distinctive of dualism and the prevailing metaphysical transcendentalism.

In my opinion, this antithesis of monism and dualism is the most important in the whole history of philosophy.