Dualistic [adjective]

Definition of Dualistic:

having two of something

Synonyms of Dualistic:

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Sentence/Example of Dualistic:

Aristotle's system may be called theistic and dualistic; Plotinus's is pantheistic and monistic.

And there are many powerful arguments besides against a dualistic theory.

His doctrine was dualistic: Matter is created once for all, and has no further need of the Creator.

The dualistic hypothesis explained the phenomena only in part, and as the known facts increased in number it had to be abandoned.

The eternity-hypothesis has assumed two very different forms, one of which has a dualistic and the other a monistic base.

Even conservative governments found favorable features in this dualistic philosophy.

Construction of the monistic and realistic philosophy, in opposition to the prevailing dualistic and mystical views.

The great majority of later philosophic and religious systems followed the same dualistic paths.

But the logic, which is innate in the human mind, cannot content itself with the dualistic split between faith and science.

In the first edition he is purely monistic and materialistic, in the second edition purely dualistic and spiritualistic.