Dubbing [verb]

Definition of Dubbing:

name, label something

Synonyms of Dubbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dubbing:


Sentence/Example of Dubbing:

Take the hair of a black Spaniel for dubbing, ribbed with gold twist, and a red hackle over all.

The above selection of silks and dubbing are for Palmers and winged flies generally.

We understand each other, and we used to have more fun than anybody, just dubbing round the course.

And he will not fall into the error of dubbing the author a minor poet because he is neither subtle nor imaginative nor profound.

If we have not just the right house we should not dare risk belittling our pleasant drawing-room by dubbing it "salon."

He brought an axe from a man who was dubbing out a canoe from a breadfruit log, and hacked away a chip for me.

The mob testified its affectionate admiration by dubbing him 'Charley,' and remembered with effusion his last grim pleasantry.

This is the manner of dubbing knights at this present, and that term ‘dubbing’ was the old term in this point, not ‘creating.’

When I began fly-dressing I found this spinning on of the “dubbing” a great stumbling-block.

How can we assume such a lordship without dubbing ourselves irrational obscurantists, who in folly try to stamp out the light?