Dubiously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Dubiously:

So I have the either great honor or dubious honor of having replaced myself on three different occasions.

These types of narratives rely on “evidence” of ballots that are lost or found after the election, dubious statistics, misleading videos and allegations of foreign interference.

Sharing dubious online trash with even a small circle of friends and family can help something catch.

Burkholder has expressed dubious medical views, including encouraging people to seek medical exemptions from mask mandates during the pandemic and expressing support for parents who don’t want to follow state vaccination laws.

International Business Machines, still the legal name of century-plus-old IBM, has managed over the years to pull off a dubious feat.

This, too, is a staple of conservative media — but it is a highly dubious claim, which the vice president of the United States should understand.

To be clear, that is three different investigations, by three different entities, into financial mismanagement or other ethically dubious behavior by Barrios.

Almost without exception they argue something very similar, making the case that most location data out there is of mediocre or dubious quality but their data is much better and more accurate.

In one ad, Hagerty made the dubious link between this contribution and the recent protests, claiming that Sethi is “bankrolling the rioters.”

Kinnaird looked somewhat dubiously at the latter, which seemed deep in the hollows.