Ducky [adjective]

Definition of Ducky:

likable, agreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Ducky:

Sentence/Example of Ducky:

Where are you going to, Henny-penny, Cocky-locky, and Ducky-daddles?

It makes me think of the old English nursery song—'Come, ducky, come and be killed.'

Ducky, I have a feeling that the owner of The Viking bought it from the proceeds of pills or headache powders.

No, ducky dear, I can't have that, but it is good of you to offer to go.

Many a time has Mr. Dodgson said, "Never mind, little Ducky; perhaps some day you will turn out a swan."

He didn't even wait to say howdy to Ducky Waddles, although he knew the little duck would be glad to know where he was going.

If the man wants a wife, why can't he wait until Ducky is old enough?

Where are you going to-day, Ducky-daddles, Cocky-locky and Henny-penny?

Oh, Ducky-daddles, the clouds are falling, and we are going to tell the king.

At first we did not like him; but he was really very kind, and called us "Ducky, ducky, ducky!"