Ductility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ductility:

Then, no doubt, Gwynne would have his way in most things, and she already felt the stirrings of mere female ductility.

Gold has the greatest ductility, and in wires of equal diameters, it has the greatest tenacity, of all the metals.

Adamant and steel have a ductility like water, to a mind sufficiently bold and contemplative.

This increases the hardness to a high degree and adds strength without much decrease in ductility.

In addition, they have enough ductility to accommodate the expansion of the pavement due to temperature changes.

In my walks I stepped into a goldbeater's workhouse, where he showed me the wonderful ductility of that spreading and oily metal.

His natural voice was full and open, and of such ductility, that when he sang pianissimo it retained its original quality.

It is desirable that the pliability and ductility be preserved at as low a temperature as possible.

The best iron cannot be manufactured from one variety, but by mixing ores strength and ductility both are obtained.

Strength is needed as well for the taking as the making of an impression,--something more than mere ductility.