Dues [noun]

Definition of Dues:

payment for membership

Synonyms of Dues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dues:

Sentence/Example of Dues:

A full General landing to inspect overseas is entitled to a salute of 17 guns—well, I got my dues.

The revenue is derived from direct taxes on land and provisions, excise upon exports and imports, and harbour dues.

Then did the King offer him gifts, and the dues and rights of broad lands, but Eyvind put all these away from him.

Then was Calf re-endowed with all his possessions, and the land-dues which had been his in former days.

The expenses of maintenance were probably paid from the weekly dues of the members, as were the funeral benefits.

The club was formed, a president elected, and dues placed at ten cents per week.

They brought their own lunches and paid a small amount of dues, which were used to pay for tea served daily.

The vessels, during the easterly winds, preferred this course, which besides saved them the port dues.

The next provision is that requiring, after 1843, all dues to the government to be paid in gold and silver.

They do not go down to individuals, and, seeking out the workmen and the laborers, pay to each his dues.