Duets [noun]

Definition of Duets:

two performers or items

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Sentence/Example of Duets:

Soon after, Evans posted his performance of “Soon May the Wellerman Come,” which promptly went viral and set off a flood of duets, remixes, and copies.

To understand someone else, you need to both capture your own thoughts as well as gauge the intention of the other person, whether you’re cooking a meal together, playing a duet, or knowing when to take turns in conversation.

For example, our group has studied female song and male-female duets in Venezuelan troupials, a tropical species that sings year-round to defend territories.

For some moments the girls talked a rapid duet, then Isabel turned suddenly and beckoned.

Once he learnt, with his aunt, the exceedingly florid duet in Semiramide, and sang the soprano part admirably.

Life is packed with little unheard of dramas of precisely the same sort—the eternal duet of sex; nothing else keeps it going.

As Chopin's playing was equally sympathetic to Slavik, they formed the project of writing a duet for violin and piano.

For on that day he played with his fellow-pupil Tellefsen, at a concert given by the latter in Paris, a duet of Schumann's.

Denis watched them awhile, and then it became a trio instead of a duet.

I have written it as a duet, but no doubt other parts could be added if the occasion should ever arise.