Dug [verb]

Definition of Dug:

delve into; hollow out

Synonyms of Dug:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dug:

Sentence/Example of Dug:

Things looked anxious for a bit, but by this morning's dawn all are dug in, cool, confident.

The Elizabethan pipes were so small that now when they are dug up in Ireland the poor call them 'fairy pipes' from their tininess.

But what if I catch the fish by using a hired boat and a hired net, or by buying worms as bait from some one who has dug them?

Several tons of leaden pipe were dug up in Fleet street, London, laid down 300 years before.

And, as the spring was some little distance from there, they dug a well in the Fort, and found the water very good.

Ma says all the gold'll ever be dug out o' Skyrie is them rocks he put into his stone walls.

At the mention of the doughty Scot I pounded the floor with my crutch and repeated "Dug—dug—dug."

"'Bared the lion in hith den—the Doog-dug-lath——'" Abraham stopped and took a long breath.

My post of command had been "dug out" for me well forward on the left flank by Hunter-Weston.

Our fellows were bombed clean out of their trenches, but only fell back 30 yards and dug in.