Dugout [noun]

Definition of Dugout:

hollowed area

Synonyms of Dugout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dugout:


Sentence/Example of Dugout:

The Nats will have those conferences on the mound, but more often than not, the manager will walk back to the dugout and the starter will keep the ball — whether that’s wise or not.

It wasn’t the game that unfolded no more than 50 feet from where he sat in the home dugout.

It is also true, as Friedman pointed out, that Dodgers personnel who were in contact with Turner on the field probably had already been exposed to him, given the nature of the bubble and the proximity in the dugout and other areas.

I jumped on to it—had to—then jumped off it nippier still and, turning to the right, began to walk towards Birdie's dugout.

As the old Turks kept plugging it in fairly hot, I sat quiet in Birdwood's dugout for a quarter of an hour.

I went into the dugout indescribably slack; hardly energy to struggle against the heat and the myriads of flies.

At last, rather tired by my long day, made my way back, stopping at Birdie's dugout en route.

Deedes also met me and the whole band of us made our way inland to my battle dugout.

He glanced down the river and saw a long Siwash dugout sweep around the curve of the Big Bend.

With trembling steps he walked to the ship's side, and clambered over the bulwarks into the dugout.