Duke [noun]

Definition of Duke:

member of royal or important family

Synonyms of Duke:

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Sentence/Example of Duke:

Without preface, he abruptly asked, what had been told him of the Duke of Wharton's behaviour the preceding night.

One evening, while he was thus engaged, he observed de Patinos and Duke Wharton enter together.

Martini was on his mission to Vienna; but another valet was put into the chariot to support the Duke.

Wharton and Louis had withdrawn their hands at the same instant they caught his eye; and the Duke turned into the circle.

The Duke found no difficulty in awakening the wishes, which were necessary to his scheme, in the mind of young Lorraine.

But he was ignorant of that part of the horrid tale; and the Duke, in a milder voice, bade him rise.

I had no idea who they were, as the Grand Duke was in morning costume, and had no star or decoration to distinguish him.

This week has been one of great excitement in Weimar, on account of the wedding of the son of the Grand Duke.

The Duke, as well as his friend, had much at stake in bringing this part of his negociation to bear.

Though by birth duke of St. Cloud, he preferred the ecclesiastical state to political distinction.