Dulled [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dulled:

The firing proceeded, while Fetherston, his ears dulled by the constant roar, watched the bursting shells with interest.

At last I caught what you may call in distinct glimpses of sound dulled metallic sound.

The blade of mine has been dulled on the gullet of that old Saracen yonder with the white beard.

Hesitatingly she came forward, and Houston's dulled mentality at last took cognizance that a hand was extended slightly.

"You will find matches at your elbow," said the voice, coming dulled, from a further apartment.

In too many cases the brilliancy of the glory is dulled with blood and horror too terrible to be spoken of without a shudder.

The Rector's solemn tones awed Sabina into momentary quiescence, and reached even the dying woman's dulled ears.

Things got done all right, but the fine edge of enthusiasm had dulled.

Excitement and hope that became certainty, enlivened his dulled brain.

He was victimised often and knew it, but the knowledge never dulled the edge of an insatiable appetite.