Dumbfounded [adjective]

Definition of Dumbfounded:

astounded, confused

Synonyms of Dumbfounded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dumbfounded:

Sentence/Example of Dumbfounded:

As rioters stormed Capitol Hill on January 6, Theo—like many Americans—watched, dumbfounded and in horror.

The door was open, and the woman and the child stood dumbfounded and overwhelmed in a scene of incredible desolation.

I think even Dr. Hudson was dumbfounded; we had not expected unconditional surrender.

The crafty captain sat for a moment quite dumbfounded; but he could bear it no longer.

For a moment I was as dumbfounded as the bridegroom who discovers a plait of hair on his brides dressing table.

The countess looked up at her husband, quite dumbfounded, and he seemed rather distressed himself.

Hekalu's words fairly dumbfounded Shelby, but they grated upon his sense of pride as well.

The result was that a few minutes later the Convention was dumbfounded to receive a message from Wright declining to be nominated.

The Abbot and Louis, dumbfounded, stare wide-eyed at the crucifix which dangles from its cord about the Priest's finger.

And Hugh stood silent, dumbfounded, astonishment clearly shown on his face.