Dumping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dumping:

Reaching the dumping ground, standing between the handles of the wheel-barrow, Alfred attempted to overturn it.

We have a continuous air supply to the cans during freezing as well as during thawing, dumping and filling.

Even as she talked she swiveled the drum around, kicked the easy-off plug, and began dumping the gelid contents into the hole.

America long remained a dumping-ground for nearly all the nations of the world having an excess of population.

He began by dumping out into a worthless and landlocked bass-pond every brown trout in the hatchery.

But no Colonist looks forward to his country remaining for ever the dumping ground for British manufactures.

Hastily dumping the supplies in a heap, he turned the sled on its side, and joined the diggers.

If such lime is chiefly a dumping place for low-grade stone and forkings, it has small agricultural value.

Men in the Municipal uniform were working over the small job press and dumping the hand-set type from the boxes.

Dumping is a very small item where small dump cars are used on construction work, and does not exceed ½ ct. per cu.