Dumpy [adjective]

Definition of Dumpy:

short and stout

Synonyms of Dumpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dumpy:


Sentence/Example of Dumpy:

Behold a dumpy, comfortable British paterfamilias in a light flannel suit and a faded sun hat.

With his dumpy figure in the long coat, and his round face under the tall hat, the little man was irresistible.

"'Tis a matter of taste, but I couldn't fancy corpses as furniture," observed the Dumpy Philosopher.

The chain kinked time and again as he groped with the undermost hand for the openings; his dumpy, pudgy form writhed grotesquely.

A dumpy, rosy-faced woman was Mrs Jeal, with a pair of extremely wicked black eyes which snapped fire when she was angered.

In a few seconds I was up with him, and stuck my spear right through his dumpy body.

Besides, she had a kindly disposition, and did not turn up a haughty nose at Aunt Cretes dumpy little figure.

This same fashion arrays the dumpy young ladies of Germany in a most strange deformity of inflated petticoats.

A dumpy little maiden with long earrings met them at the doorway, dropped them a courtesy, and passed out.

Short and dumpy people like me never can wear other people's clothes.