Dun [adjective]

Definition of Dun:

gloomy, obscure

Synonyms of Dun:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dun:

Sentence/Example of Dun:

Here the pair reached the "Dun Cow" and retired to their respective quarters.

My spurs fairly lifted the dun horse, and we scuttled in the opposite direction like a scared antelope.

My hand flew to mine as I jerked the dun up short, but I wasn't fast enough—and Hicks was too close.

And as if the shout had reached high heaven, that instant the dun clouds parted.

The tent had been old when Thyrsis got it, and as this was the third season he had used it, it was dark and dun of hue.

The September Dun—dubbed with the down of a mouse, warped with ash coloured silk, wings feather of a starling.

Dun Gnat—from inside wing feather of a Landrail and fawn coloured silk—cypher hook.

June Dun—a feather from Dottrel's back, hackled on a body of blue Rabbit's fur and drab silk, dun hackle for legs.

Pale Blue—light part of Starling's quill feather for wings, pale yellow silk for body, pale yellow dun hackle for legs and tail.

The Great Whirling Dun—dubbed with squirrels fur, for wings, grey feather of mallard.