Dungeon [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dungeon:

We invited another friend who started being our dungeon master.

The puzzle dungeons have focus in ways the overworld puzzles do not.

With laborers divided and on the run, anyone who makes trouble is fired, and anyone who doesn’t have a job is labeled a vagrant, vulnerable to incarceration in an over-packed, underground prison that’s more like a medieval dungeon.

Over your campaign, you’ll explore dungeons, level up your characters, and go on missions.

In a dungeon of the corresponding tower, on this side of the castle, was the prison of Ripperda.

Being fully equipped, Ripperda looked around him on the walls of his dungeon.

In the midst of these meditations, the dungeon door opened, and Santa Cruz himself appeared on the threshold.

These inward joys peopled her solitude with society, and dispelled even from the dungeon its gloom.

The ruffians forced the gates, drove in the dungeon doors with cannon, and for five days and five nights continued the slaughter.

The insulted royal family, in rags and almost in starvation, were in a dungeon.