Dungeons [noun]

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But when you are there, the awful secret of conspiracy will not be revealed in caverns, dungeons, and darkness.

The royal family were still in the dungeons of the Temple, lingering through the dreary hours of the most desolate imprisonment.

The Girondists were led from their dungeons in the Conciergerie to their execution on the 31st of October, 1793.

The victim of the monarchy and the victim of the Revolution were conducted to the same dungeons and perished on the same block.

The awful silence and almost palpable darkness of these deepest dungeons is absolutely appalling.

The clergy of every order were zealously sought out, and thrust into dungeons designed for the worst of felons.

There were still dungeons enclosed in these massive walls, chambers wherein misery and pain had cried aloud to no effect.

We were brought back to Libby, and put in one of the dark, narrow dungeons.

The dungeons are in the ground floor, and of course are distinguished by a plentiful lack of daylight and fresh air.

He was brought past a row of dungeons under the Arena, and locked into a cell.