Duodenum [noun]

Definition of Duodenum:

part of digestive tract

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Sentence/Example of Duodenum:

Larger amounts are very rarely found, and generally point to obstruction in the duodenum.

The opalescent enchantments of her inner being mean nothing to her: she wouldnt know her entity from her duodenum.

It arises as a ventral outgrowth of the duodenum (fig. 420, l).

The duodenum showed the same softened state of its mucous membrane as was exhibited by the stomach.

If we follow the course of the intestines down, we find that the duodenum presents a remarkable curve.

Now, there are some points of great interest in connection with this remarkable, almost circular, curve of the duodenum.

In birds the duodenum always forms a long loop embracing the pancreas.

The duodenum always curves round the head of the pancreas and is, as it were, moulded on it and retained in position by it.

Another point of great constancy is the position of the pancreas and its relation to the curve of the duodenum.

The duodenum extends only a short distance caudad to this point and then opens, aip, to the yolk-sac.