Duologue [noun]

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Without waiting a year she could go to Harry Manders and demand to be given a part; he had offered her one in her own duologue.

The house had an old-world garden, and it was here they had their first duologue.

She replied in the same key, and, seeing that the youth comprehended, the artist prompted a duologue.

He was lolling at full length in a rattan chair, listening indolently to the flippant duologue of the major and the grass widow.

Mrs Cotterill came hysterically in upon the duologue between Denry and Ruth in the drawing-room.

Mrs. O'Rane wants me to write her a duologue—just as one draws a rabbit for a child.

This is also M. Donnay's view; and he devotes his whole last act, quite simply, to a duologue of reconciliation.

Her dramatic sense took hold of the scene, and she found herself composing a last duologue between Michael and herself.

A short duologue in their best stilted French ensued between him and Ammiani.

It resolved itself at first into a duologue between the two elder men.