Duplex [adjective]

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Finally, double-sided printing, or duplex printing, may also be available if you are looking for an added bonus feature in your best all-in-one printer.

Tony Rodriguez lives in the second home of the duplex in Antioch that law enforcement searched Saturday.

In the brick vastness of the east Bronx, with its towering apartment blocks and modest duplexes, Bronxwood’s cream-and-beige exterior stood out.

He told KPBS he supports allowing duplexes on any single-family lot in the city to expand the supply of housing, which Zosa opposes.

The ding of Kerwin’s cellphone notifications filled the three-bedroom duplex apartment she shared with the boyfriend who introduced her to heroin, his teenage son and her 9-year-old son.

She carried a bill of her own that would allow duplexes and four-plexes on single-family lots.

It would let property owners split any single-family lot in two, or build a duplex on it, without asking for special permission.

Her bill would allow duplexes on any single-family lot, and would let owners of single-family homes split their lots into two without requiring special permission.

Strap a Duplex Reflector on to your back, and fasten a Hansom cab-lamp on to each knee.

Duplex carburetors are necessary to secure the best results from eight- and twelve-cylinder V engines.