Duplication [noun]

Definition of Duplication:

complement, correlation

Synonyms of Duplication:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duplication:

Sentence/Example of Duplication:

Random mutations and DNA duplications can create new variations on old genes, but for many decades biologists had only the cloudiest understanding of how truly novel genes could evolve and acquire functions.

It’s used because a certain amount of duplication is inevitable, and massive duplication will actually harm your rankings in the long run.

It may be looked upon as the apotheosis of the old style of organ-building, with low pressures, duplication, and mixtures.

One interested in his duplication of characteristic phrasing may refer for comparison ll.

This overlapping and duplication has, as we have elsewhere indicated, already gone very far.

Worse yet, how could one assort together duplication and the double object, whiteness and the white object?

Saving of missionary money by eliminating duplication of missionary grants by competing denominations.

The work is clearly laid out and graded; reviews are amply provided, both by duplication and by dictation work.

The following sidenotes are in the original, but, because of duplication, they have been omitted from this text.

It would be worth inquiry when the incorrect duplication of termination first produced our modern words upholsterer and poulterer?