During [preposition]

Definition of During:

concurrently with an activity, event

Opposite/Antonyms of During:


Sentence/Example of During:

During the first week, not a day passed without smart skirmishes.

Indeed, a score of bodies lying there had not been seen by Malcolm during his first frenzied examination of the house.

Thus he continued to rush over the frozen sea during a considerable part of that night.

He sympathized with that movement which, during his childhood, culminated in the Cavite Conspiracy (vide p. 106).

Two unsophisticated country lasses visited Niblo's in New York during the ballet season.

A hundred more had been taken during the night fighting, but there was treachery and some of those were killed.

During the whole day there was an incessant fusillade, the rebelsʼ chief stronghold being the Recoleto Convent.

During this defence, the Empress frequently shook her head; and when it was finished, she rose from her chair.

This system, as already stated, became operative in most districts during June, 1915.

During this conversation Harry's right hand was resting beneath his jacket, grasping the butt of his revolver.