Duskiness [noun]

Definition of Duskiness:


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Sentence/Example of Duskiness:

Then a volley broke forth, flashing redly from the dim duskiness of the slope.

The dim duskiness made him shudder; he expected to see the Huckleberry Street Irish woman looking at him.

He knew, without looking closer, that there was a flare of mirth hidden within its velvet duskiness.

She had eyes of the Creole duskiness, a delicate olive skin, with a pastel coloring.

It initiates you into the duskiness, the blackness, the crowdedness, the intensely commercial character of London.

It flickered and struggled with the duskiness, but could not half light up the gloomy cavern with all its melancholy glimmer.

The sun of the last few weeks had given to her skin a faint, but most becoming, duskiness.

The greater duskiness of the kitchen was caused by the large form of City Attorney Mullen.

The contours of the steamer grew confused: a velvety duskiness overspread Dunmore foreland.

The scarlet of betel-nut was upon her lips; the duskiness of kol shadowed her lashes.