Dusting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Dusting:

She has her dusting day on Tuesday, vacuuming day on Wednesday and so on.

Flakes may fly in the Outer Banks as snow targets North Carolina, southern VirginiaWe can’t rule out a dusting or a coating, with the chance increasing as you head south of the Beltway.

Tres leches cake sports a two-toned top, thanks to a pink dusting of hibiscus sugar across half the luscious dessert.

It’s not impossible that a spot or two gets a quick dusting on grassy surfaces.

Some areas have already received a dusting and, with temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, it’s cold enough to stick on paved surfaces.

His purported evidence is nothing more than a dusting of allegations from motivated parties claiming that something unprovably wrong occurred.

Had the calculation involved deep features of quantum gravity rather than a light dusting, it might have been even harder to pull off, but once that was accomplished, it would have illuminated those depths.

So, when a mosquito lands on a dusting of starburst-shaped crystals, it should be easier for deltamethrin molecules to be absorbed into the insect’s body via its feet.

Does he want his servants to be as clever as himself—to read his books and papers instead of dusting his library.

He walks slowly, dusting the iron railing, then turns to give my door a few light strokes with the cat-o'-many-tails.