Duteously [adverb]

Definition of Duteously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Duteously:

Sentence/Example of Duteously:

And his brothers and his kinsmen duteously his hest obey, With each parting guest and monarch journey on the home ward way.

To please her he duteously obeyed Hemingway's fastidious instructions as to habiliments.

At all times the boyards durst do nothing without him, and waited upon him duteously wherever he might go.

Yet the surprise I had plotted was uppermost in my mind, and I craved of him right duteously that he would grant me my will.

Therefore Mr. Flint duteously appeared at intervals among the elect, and appeared even to advantage.

The minister and his wife were as sincerely, duteously courteous.

Who duteously accounted him but a little lower than the angels.