Dutiful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dutiful:

It is dutiful for some to give themselves to the work of the ministry, and to vow to do its duties; but not dutiful for all.

To the greatest extent of the capacities of all, it is dutiful for them to obtain and distribute copies of the blessed word.

Was it dutiful for the priests to read it to the people of Israel assembled at their solemn feasts?

Was it dutiful to make use of one copy of the law for instructing the people, when only one could be obtained?

It is dutiful for all who have the whole word of God, to use every lawful means in their power to make others know it.

Accordingly, a Covenant engagement, in which there is promised more than what is dutiful, is not lawful.

The father smiled upon his dutiful children and gave no further sign.

A true mother in God the abbess proved, and a dutiful and loving daughter was Æthelflæd.

The man, who might read English husbands lessons of proper and dutiful behaviour, is a sensible good-natured creature.

The dutiful child, as if recovering strength at the sight of his father, on his knees implored his blessing.