Duvet [noun]

Definition of Duvet:

thick bedcovering made of patches

Synonyms of Duvet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Duvet:


Sentence/Example of Duvet:

You can also easily cover with a duvet using built-in interior loops, which may elongate the blanket’s lifespan.

You can spend three days with your lovely or crawl under the duvet with Jeni’s ice cream and wait it out.

But she improved it: "You must have it after you're in bed, and you must have my duvet."

Owen took his customary place by Madame Duvet, and played his usual game.

The only covering consisted of a single blanket, and the duvet or down pillow, always found upon the foot of continental beds.

He put his face down in her duvet and smelled the cotton covers and her nighttime sweat, like a spice, like cinnamon.

Madame Duvet says he's the handsomest man she ever saw, and that his beard is enough to win any woman's heart.'

But he did not add that he should like to take care of Madame Duvet as she wished him to do.

We shall miss you dreadfully,' said Madame Duvet, with an entreating glance.

After a while he lowered himself on to the bed, and lay between Miss Showers and myself on the outside of the duvet.