Dwarfish [adjective]

Definition of Dwarfish:

kept from growing

Synonyms of Dwarfish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dwarfish:

Sentence/Example of Dwarfish:

Dialect is the elf rather than the genius of place, and a dwarfish master of the magic of local things.

These men are described as small and dwarfish in appearance and as possessing Eskimo characteristics.

And the foremost of the troop, a thick dwarfish man with a huge two-handed sword, stood aside.

A quaint dwarfish figure, crippled but full of vigour, stumped up to the platform.

Besides the extraordinary great in every species, the opposite to this, the dwarfish and diminutive, ought to be considered.

In their progress, they at length reached a broad prairie, bounded by Palo Alto, a thick grove of dwarfish trees.

On the following morning "a wonderfully dwarfish black boy" was found "clinging by the hands to one of the bungs."

After six still seconds Turnbull could stand it no longer, but called out to the dwarfish thing—in what words heaven knows.

And it came into my thought that the dwarfish Bartholomews had given her news of my doings and my whereabouts.

Upon a large flat stone, at no great distance, sat a dwarfish figure.