Dwarves [adjective]

Definition of Dwarves:

miniature, tiny

Synonyms of Dwarves:

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Sentence/Example of Dwarves:

That’s a heck of a number, considering that Tesla posted a loss of $862 million in 2019, and generated a modest $799 million in free cash flow—a figure dwarfed 462 to 1 by its market cap.

It happened on July 14, 2015, when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew behind dwarf planet Pluto on its way out of the solar system, and there are no plans for it to happen ever again.

A different type, red dwarfs, outnumber all other stars put together.

One international group of scientists is already proposing a mission called Calathus that would collect a sample from Ceres’s Occator crater to help assess how habitable the dwarf planet really is.

Whether or not competitive eaters ever reach that limit, the scale of improvement “completely dwarfs other athletic achievements,” Smoliga says.

The third night, it being Christmas, this same dwarf returned to the chamber where I slept.

The dwarf who had watched her came back again on his raven followed this time by a crowd of little men.

These dwarf trees are very prevalent in their gardens, and preferred to the most magnificent and shady trees of a natural size.

And having embraced the venerable dwarf, he emerged out of the well roaring with laughter.

Musa was swinging from his saddle, and grasping in no gentle grip the cloak of the dwarf Zeyneb.