Dweller [noun]

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Being a dweller of the trees by birth, Kopee was always sensitive to tree sounds.

Protection from the cold was also sought in caverns and rock shelters, and for a very long period man remained a cave-dweller.

Among these pests, the most important to the dweller in a large city is the tussock moth, which destroys our shade trees.

Man is a weak and pitiful dweller in a violent world and nothing has done so much to sharpen his wits as fear.

She was an inhabitant of the prairie, a dweller in the cabins which stand upon the verge of the hills.

On inquiry they subsequently found that their friend was no longer a dweller among men.

These small creatures form part of the usual dinner of many a hungry dweller in the sea, and the Jelly-fish takes a share of them.

Shes an old dweller in those high countries, yet not from me.

Sat the rock-dweller glad as a child, much like the son of Miskorblindi.

On the other hand, it must be admitted that the stockade dweller is both provincial of habit and prejudiced of mind.